Photography by Christine Hill

Photography by Christine Hill

Matt Hill  

Favourite places to eat?  MB PostAxePann's  and Rivera.

Favourite shops? American Rag, Fred Segal, Stade, Active and 12345 for clothes. Heritage Classics for cars. Any vintage stores in LA for furniture. 

Favourite bars? Ones with coffee in the title. 

Favourite neighbourhood? I have always loved Downtown LA ever since I got here in '95. The neglect of that area in terms of development for 50 years has led to one of the best unintended preservation programs of many of the world's major cities. Just hoping now everyone's woken up to how rad it is that it remains preserved. 

Best LA secret? Watts Towers . No secret it exists but still there's never anyone there, so I figure the secret is you have to go there to experience it. Also, the Peterson Auto Museum Vault and ordering your In N Out Animal Style.

Perfect LA day? In late fall or winter, mid afternoon, warm sun, clear skies, view for miles in great soft light, just cruising stores, the beach or any iconic LA locations with no real agenda. In summer, anything at the Hollywood Bowl. 

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George Byrne

Favourite places to eat? GTA sandwiches in Venice, burritos at Alegria in Silverlake, tuna at Tender Greens, tacos at the roadside truck on Olympic and La Cienega. All cheap and brilliant. 

Favourite shops? Hemmingway and Picket in Silverlake.

Favourite bars? El Chavo and Thirsty Crow.

Favourite neighbourhood? Los Feliz.

Best LA secret? That it's an incredibly vibrant, diverse, stimulating city to live in. 


Photography: Emma Leslie

Photography: Emma Leslie

JR Reyne

Favourite places to eat? Green Truck, Canter's and Gjelina.

Favourite shops? The Stronghold and Guitar Centre on Sunset.

Favourite bars? Mandrake (I DJ there) and Barney's Beanery on Santa Monica.

Favourite neighbourhood? Venice and Echo Park.

Best LA Secret? Topanga Canyon. 

Perfect LA day? Every day that incorporates a morning surf, walking the dogs, coffee with my flatmates, writing a ditty or two and managing to avoid having to drive anywhere for the day.